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Flexible Working Arrangements

Please note that this is general information & may not be relevant to your particular matter. This should not be taken as legal advice.

How to:  Apply for a Flexible Working Arrangement?  

A flexible working arrangement is an arrangement where you work in a different or flexible way than you usually would.  It can include you starting and finishing work at different times, working shorter (or longer) hours or at a different location including working from home.   


Am I eligible to apply for a flexible working arrangement? 

Under the Fair Work Act  you can make an application for a Flexible Working Arrangement if: 

  1. You are a parent or have the responsibility for the care of a child who is school age or younger 
  2. You are a carer 
  3. You have a disability 
  4. You are 55 years or older  
  5. You are experiencing family violence  
  6. You provide care or support to either your immediate family, or a member of your household, and that person requires care or support due to them experiencing family violence  

You also must have 12 months continuous service with the employer prior to making a request for a Flexible Working Arrangement.  

If you are a casual employee, you can make the request if you have 12 months continuous service and that there is a reasonable expectation of continuing employment by the employer on a regular and systematic basis.  


How do I make the request?  

The request must be made in writing and set out the details of the change and the reasons for the change.  Use our template below to guide you.  



Template: Employee request for flexible working arrangements

[ Insert Date ]

[Insert your name ]

[Insert your contact details phone, email, address]

[Insert Job title]


Dear [Insert managers name]

Re: Request for flexible working arrangements 

I would like to request a flexible work arrangement under section 65 of the Fair Work Act 2009 (the Act).  

I am making this request because [insert choose from any of the applicable reasons in 1-6 above. You may have more than 1 reason to base your application on. For example: I am a parent/I am a carer/I have disability/etc ]

 [You may want to note, how long you have been working for.  For example:]

I have been working for this business for more than 12 months on a [full time/part-time or casual hours that are regular and systematic basis].  

I would like to start working [insert details of the changes you want.  For example: shorter hours, or on less days, or starting late or new equipment].  

I would like this flexible working arrangement to commence from [insert date] 

Any effect that this would have on the business and my colleagues can be accommodated by [insert details for the way in which it can be accommodated.  Basically here you are anticipating why your boss may reject the request, and providing a solution in advance.]  

It would be appreciated if you could respond to this request within 21 days in accordance with the Act.  

I am more than willing to discuss this request at a time that is convenient to you.  In addition, I am agreeable to discussing possible alternatives to make sure this arrangement can be suitable for both of us.  

Thank you in advance.  


[Insert your name]  

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