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You can make a difference and improve the lives of working women.

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Save our Working Women's Centres!

Currently, the NT Working Women’s Centre is at risk of closure and Working Women Queensland does not receive enough funding to operate fully.

If we can show governments how Working Women’s Centres make a difference in the lives of women, we can build enough political pressure for Working Women’s Centres to be fully funded around the country.

Help us do this by telling us how the Working Women’s Centre helped you.


Fundraise for a feminist cause

Fundraising is a significant way that you can join the fight for gender equality and improving the lives of women in our community.

By raising funds for our important cause, you are also telling the story of the impact that gendered issues in the workplace have on vulnerable women. This also raises awareness about the Working Women’s Centre, so that we are able to help more vulnerable workers in South Australia. Which to us is invaluable.

Ready to be a leader for positive change?

  • In 2021 the Working Women’s Centre is participating in the Lumary City-Bay Fun Run. Join us on the 7th of November, you can run, walk or participate in your wheelchair, with a variety of different distances. Get fit and fundraise for a good cause.Find information about registration deadlines here.FAQ’s About City to Bay.RSVP & share the event on Facebook.


Join our team

Feminist Activist Network

The Centre hosts events for our Feminist Activist Network.

These events are designed to:

  • Raise awareness and education about gendered issues in the workplace.
  • Build advocacy skills on a personal, professional and community level.
  • Develop practical skills that can be utilised in the workplace.
  • Create spaces for like-minded people to connect and discuss issues that matter to them.

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Join the Feminist Activist Network

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Make a bequest

Leave a legacy of support for vulnerable women in South Australia

Making a bequest allows you to make a tangible and lasting gift to a cause you believe in. By leaving a gift to the Working Women’s Centre in your Will, you can help us to continue our work towards a future where women are free of gender-based violence, inequality and discrimination. You will help women of all ages to lead systemic change for a better world. Gifts to the Working Women’s Centre help us to operate and continue our important work sustainably in times of crisis.  

Movements for workers’ rights and women’s liberation have a rich history of standing up for what’s right. Our work spans many generations. Making a bequest to Working Women’s Centre SA is a powerful way to express your feminist values in your Will, and to pass on your vision for a better world to others.  

What is a bequest?

*a bequest is a legal gift of personal property, such as money or personal items of value, that are given by will after a person has passed away. 

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Make an impact with your donation

Help us advocate for and support South Australia’s most vulnerable workers.

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Our impact


Recovered in stolen wages, compensation, penalties and lost income for working women and vulnerable workers (2019/2020 FY)


Vulnerable workers provided with advice in relation to their workplace rights (2019/2020 FY)


Vulnerable workers represented in Commissions and Tribunals

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