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Our services

We are here to provide legal advice, information and representation

The Working Women’s Centre SA Inc (WWC SA) is a non-government organisation that provides free and confidential legal advice,  information, support and representation to vulnerable workers residing in South Australia about their rights at work.

The WWC SA is a registered charity with DGR status.  

We have a team of Industrial Officers who provide comprehensive and confidential legal advice to workers.  



We are here to help

We provide legal advice on a variety of workplace-related matters including:

Wage theft

Are you being paid the correct hourly rate? Have you been working hours for free?


Have you been terminated from your employment? You have 21 days to make an unfair dismissal application.

Disciplinary matters

Has your boss raised issues with you about your performance?

National Employment Standards

Do you need advice about your minimum entitlements for example sick leave, annual leave and hours of work?

The Modern Award System

Do you know what Award applies to your employment? Has your boss been following the requirements of the Award?

Workplace entitlements

Have you been paid the correct allowances or overtime, and received the correct breaks?

Parental leave

If you are pregnant or about to be a parent, what are your rights to take leave from work? If you are on parental leave, what are your rights to return to your pre-parental leave position?

Family violence & work

If you have been a victim of domestic violence, what are your rights in relation to work? Can you take leave?


Have you been treated unfavourably at work or had your employment terminated as a result of a disability, your race, pregnancy, religious dress or your sex?

Sexual harassment

Have you been spoken to in a sexual way, had sexual comments made about you or have you been touched inappropriately at work?

Workplace bullying

Do you have a colleague or boss that is consistently being disrespectful towards you, or making you feel unsafe at work? Has the treatment you received at work had an effect on your mental health?

Workers compensation

Have you been injured at work?


Have you been made redundant or has your boss spoken about a restructure at your workplace?

Sham contracting

Have you been told that you are a “contractor” rather than an “employee”

Interpretation of employment contracts

Do you need help to understand your contract?

How we help

What to expect when you call our service

mobile phone calling women's centre

Initial intake call

When you call you will speak to our Client Services Officer.

Our Client Services Officer will take you through a client intake process, where they will ask you a series of questions including

  • your name
  • workplace name
  • length of employment
  • if you have been dismissed and when
  • a brief summary of your matter. 

They will also ask you questions designed to generate statistical information.

All of your information is kept confidential, and we will never contact your employer without your permission.

Then you will then be booked in for a 30-minute telephone advice appointment with one of our experienced Industrial Officers. 

Initially, we do not provide face-to-face appointments. You will be asked to email any relevant documents for the Industrial Officers to review prior to your appointment.   

Whilst we cannot offer a walk-in service, we do conduct walk-in legal advice clinics with our outreach service.


Telephone advice appointment

During your telephone advice appointment, you will have the opportunity to speak with one of our Industrial Officers about your matter.  You can ask questions and the Industrial Officer will provide you advice. 

We aim to empower you to have the confidence to advocate for your rights in the workplace.  We will advise you on the steps to take, and provide you with resources and factsheets to assist you to do so.

If your matter requires further advice or a face-to-face appointment, the Industrial Officer will organise a follow-up appointment after the initial telephone advice appointment.



We offer further legal advice or representation where we have the resources to do so, where you have a strong claim and where we are satisfied that we can be of assistance to you.  In particular, the Centre strives to represent vulnerable groups of workers including migrant workers, international students, casual workers and young workers in precarious work.  

We are funded by the South Australian Department of Human Services – Office for Women and by the Australian Federal Government – Fair Work Ombudsman

How you can contact us

If you have a workplace issue and you are not a union member, you can enquire with the WWC SA by doing one of the following:

Call Us

  1. You can call us on (08) 8410 6499 or
  2. You can call our toll-free number for a free phone call:  1800 652 697
Call 08 8410 6499

Online Lodgement

  1. You can make an online enquiry here
  2. The online lodgement form will ask you a range of questions about yourself and your workplace issue. We have designed this form to ensure that your online responses accurately reflect your workplace issues. Once you click complete, your enquiry is instantly sent to our email server. You do not need to telephone us to ask whether we received your enquiry. We have it, and we are on to it. 
  3. All of your responses are confidential, and we will never contact your employer without your permission.
  4. After we receive your online enquiry, the Client Services Officer will contact you to arrange a telephone appointment. An Industrial Officer who will telephone you back (or email if you prefer) to provide you with information or advice with respect to your workplace issue.
Send an online enquiry

What happens next?

After you have made contact with the WWC SA

  1. You will initially speak to our Client Services Officer.  This person will ask you a range of questions about yourself and your workplace issue. All of your responses are confidential, and we will never contact your employer without your permission.
  2. Our Client Services Officer is very skilled at sensitively understanding your employment issues and the critical facts. You are in safe hands.
  3. Depending on what type of issue you have, the Client Services Officer may be able to help you on the spot or if we are not the right service for you, provide you with a warm referral to another organisation.
  4. The Client Services Officer will ask you to email us documents that help tell the story of your workplace issue. For example, if you have been dismissed, we will ask you to send us your termination letter. If we need to sight any documents, we will let you know.
  5. If we can assist you, the Client Services Officer will make an appointment with you to speak to one of our experienced Industrial Officers. An appointment is usually made between 1-3 days from when you call.  This will depend on our available appointments.  Unfortunately, you will not be able to speak to an Industrial Officer on the spot.
  6. If there is an urgency to your matter (court filing deadline or alike) we will prioritise your enquiry. Rest assured we are working as hard as possible to get to your enquiry as quickly as possible.


No, our service is completely free. You do not need to pay us to receive advice from our Industrial Officers. We are a not-for-profit organisation funded by the government and other donations.
There may however be times where you will need to pay for tribunal/commission or court application fees. We will let you know if this is the case.

Our service is completely confidential; all the information that you share with us is only accessible to the staff within our organisation. We will not share any of your personal information that you share with us, especially not with your employer.

Because we are funded by the government, we are required to collect statistical information about our clients for reporting purposes. This data is collected and kept anonymously – all identifying information is removed so that our clients cannot be identified. This data is used to build statistics to gain insights into the demographics of our clients, such as age groups or industry and identifying trends in workplace issues. 

If we are pursuing your matter further, there may be instances where we may be required to contact third parties such as your employer on your behalf, or other representatives such as lawyers so that we can provide you with a referral. We will only do this after making sure that we have your permission to make contact and to explain the purpose of why we are contacting them.

We can arrange to have a translator assist, if required. Please advise if you will require this extra assistance when contacting us.

We are happy to chat with you about your requirements.  Our first appointments are telephone only.  Should you need a face-face appointment we hope the following information will assist. 

Our office is located on Level 1 of Station Arcade, 52 Hindley Street Adelaide. Station Arcade can be accessed via Hindley Street, Bank Street, North Terrace and the Adelaide Railway Station. 

You can access Level 1, via the lift inside of Station Arcade, which is located next to My Goodness Cafe, near the Hindley Street Entrance. The lift door is 88cm wide and the doorway in our office range between 80cm & 85cm.

There are no steps during day-time hours between Hindley St and the office, but there are steps and/or escalators between the other entrances to Station Arcade. The footpaths around Station Arcade are flat and well surfaced.

Assistance animals are welcome, and drinking water is available.

The bathroom is 20 metres from our office on Level 1, there is a designated ‘womens’ and ‘mens’ bathroom. Upstairs on Level 2, there are 2 gender neutral bathrooms one contains two single stalls the other has a single stall and a urinal. However the bathrooms on both Level 1 and Level 2 however unfortunately are not wheelchair accessible, and are quite small in terms of space. They also do not include a nappy changing area for infants. If required you can use a private space in our offices for this.

The nearest toilet designated for use by wheelchair users is at Adelaide Railway Station. 

If you have any further access needs, please get in touch with the Centre.

Diversity Statement

We welcome diversity.

We are a safe space for workers from many different walks of life.

We pursue our principal object by – Enhancing women’s participation in and contribution to workplace arrangements that improve their economic prosperity and welfare, focusing in particular on:

  • Women working in areas which may be precarious and/or low-status employment, casual and part-time employment, award free areas, home-based employment and low paid work;
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women;
  • Women from non-English speaking backgrounds;
  • Women who have a disability;
  • Women in regional, rural and remote areas;
  • Women with family responsibilities;
  • Women on visas;
  • Women of mature age;
  • Young women, and;
  • Such other people who may experience particular disadvantage in the workforce.
illustration of women in the door of the working women's centre with a welcoming gesture
  • I was very upset and confused after being dismissed from my workplace unfairly. I reached out to the Working Women's Centre and I felt like someone was on my side and that I was looked after immediately.

    Client who won $3200 for their Unfair Dismissal claim

  • I knew that one day there will be an end to this, but it happened so much quicker than we hoped for and I am so very grateful to you, to the organisation you represent and your brilliant work.

    Clients message to an Industrial Officer, after they won $21,000 for an Unfair Dismissal, and recovered unpaid annual leave + long service leave.

  • I would like other people to know how reassuring it was to talk to you. You explained everything so well at every stage. To have the situation resolved so quickly has been so important for my mental health. Thankyou!

    Client who was awarded $3805.59 in recovered unpaid superannuation.

Do you need free legal advice about a work-related issue?

Our centre is open 9am to 5pm on all week days except Tuesday. We encourage work related enquiries to be directed to the online form. Alternatively you can call us on 08 8410 6499 (toll free number) anytime. If we are on another call, you can leave a voicemail and we will call you back.

Our complaints policy

The WWC encourages feedback from both internal staff, volunteers and committee members, and, external clients. The WWC will ensure that clients, staff and stakeholders are provided with the opportunity to submit suggestions, improvement requests and suggestions about its service. The WWC will conduct regular feedback sessions with stakeholders, which may take the form of surveys, group sessions, focus groups and/or course evaluations.


The Director and the Client Services Officer at the WWC is responsible for all monitoring and evaluating of all feedback, and for ensuring the appropriate responses are made.


Lodging Feedback
Feedback should be in writing and can be lodged using the WWC feedback form, which is available at the WWC premises or online at the WWC’s website, or through any other methods of feedback collection. Verbal feedback can also be provided by contacting the relevant staff member or the Director at the WWC.

In such cases the feedback will be recorded to ensure that the appropriate follow-up action is taken. Once completed the form should be sent to the WWC Administrator. The WWC Administrator will register the feedback and refer it to the WWC Director. The client services officer is responsible for maintaining a current complaint register. The WWC Director, where required, will refer the matter to an appropriate staff member for investigation and action.


Feedback about Employees
Complaints about employees of the WWC will be directed to the Director. If the Director deems the feedback to be of a nature by which an internal review of the feedback may compromise the efficacy of the feedback, the Director may designate an external person to review the feedback, and, give recommendations regarding the review.


Responses to Feedback
Where contact details have been provided by the staff, volunteer, committee member or client, the WWC Director will ensure that the person lodging the feedback receives a written response within as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after the other feedback is registered.

Where the complaint is made in relation to the WWC’s area of responsibility, the WWC Director will investigate the issue, obtain a report from all relevant staff and volunteers on the matter and ensure that a written response is forwarded to the person making the complaint.


Record Keeping
All original client feedback or complaints forms will be retained by the WWC for a period of three years, along with a copy of the written response from the Director and any other relevant reports or documents.


Feedback Form

Our feedback form can be downloaded as a PDF or as a Word Document. 

Please email your replies to with the subject line: Complaint/Feedback

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