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Media releases

20 Oct 2023 Uncategorized

Our 2022/2033 Annual Report is available now

30 May 2023 Discrimination

Young LGBTQIA+ Women & Non-Binary Employer Support Program

09 Sep 2021 Campaigns

MEDIA RELEASE: Morrison Government fails to fund Working Women’s Centres

01 Sep 2021 Campaigns

MEDIA RELEASE: Working Women’s Centres respond to Labor’s 24-million-dollar pledge to fund and establish Centres across Australia

29 Jul 2021 Campaigns

Media release: Working Women’s Centres ask Morrison: what has happened to Recommendation 49?

25 May 2021 Campaigns

MEDIA STATEMENT: Working Women’s Centres train political parties in prevention of sexual harassment

22 May 2021 Campaigns

MEDIA RELEASE: Call for coalition government to immediately save the Northern Territory and Queensland Working Women’s Centres  Media Statement 

12 May 2021 Sexual Harassment

MEDIA RELEASE: Specialised services for women experiencing sexual harassment left with next to nothing in Budget

07 May 2021 Campaigns

MEDIA RELEASE: Funding cut to Working Women’s Centres that Respect@Work Inquiry called to expand

A group of young women

30 Apr 2021 Campaigns

Loss of work, isolation and worry

22 Apr 2021 Campaigns

Save the Northern Territory and Queensland Working Women’s Centres  

Media statements

22 Feb 2021 Campaigns

Call for all political parties to undertake training on workplace sexual harassment.

25 Nov 2020 Sexual Harassment

Media Release: This win for Senator Hanson Young is a Win for all Working Women.

11 Nov 2020 Uncategorized

MEDIA RELEASE: Women in hi-vis

03 Sep 2020 Uncategorized

MEDIA RELEASE  Stimulus measures must go to sectors which employ women

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