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Ending wage theft

The McKell Institute estimates that wage theft is costing South Australian workers $500 million a year. We know that wage theft is hitting women, young people and migrant workers the hardest. Things need to change. Let’s join together as South Australians to eliminate wage theft.

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Wage theft is happening in South Australia

Can you live off less than $15 per hour? 

Last year, international students reported to us that businesses in Adelaide were paying less than $15 per hour, sometimes as low as $6 per hour. This is not a living wage. Wage theft is very common in South Australia and can happen to anyone. We are one of many organisations calling for reforms to eliminate wage theft in South Australia. 

What is wage theft?

Wage theft is when employers steal money from their workers by not paying them their proper wages. Wage theft might look like being paid less than the minimum wage for your industry, or not getting superannuation, or not being paid allowances or penalty rates.


Moving towards a South Australia free of wage theft

Many groups are working towards the goal of eliminating wage theft.  

  • There are calls for South Australia to bring in new laws that make wage theft a criminal offence as has been done interstate. 
  • Last year, we collaborated with several student and youth organisations to host a free training webinar called ‘Your Rights at Work – International Students’, to educate students about their minimum wages and other workplace rights.
  • The Working Women’s Centre has worked with a group of Chinese international students who are part of an online community of nearly 400 Chinese workers in Adelaide who have compiled lists of employers who are underpaying their workers. 
  • There is an ongoing Select Committee into Wage Theft in South Australia.


Wage Theft in SA

This webinar is hosted by Abbey Kendall, Director of WWCSA, and includes guests Irene Pnevmatikos MLC, Edward Cavanough from the McKell Institute and Angas Story from SA Unions.


How can you get involved?

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Your Rights at Work: International Students

This free webinar is designed for international students studying in Australia, providing them with skills and resources to better equip them to assert their rights in the workplace and to fight exploitation.

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Support our campaign to end wage theft in South Australia.

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