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Make a bequest

Give a precious gift to our feminist movement  

*a bequest is a legal gift of personal property, such as money or personal items of value, that are given by will after a person has passed away. 

The work we do at the Working Women’s Centre helps vulnerable women every day. We are a not-for-profit organisation, a charity and a service that helps women in need of support. Most importantly, our centre has worked for over 40 years to make workplaces fairer for women.   

Making a bequest allows you to make a tangible and lasting gift to a cause you believe in. By leaving a gift to the Working Women’s Centre in your Will, you can help us to continue our work towards a future where women are free of gender-based violence, inequality and discrimination. You will help women of all ages to lead systemic change for a better world. Gifts to the Working Women’s Centre help us to operate and continue our important work sustainably in times of crisis.  

Movements for workers’ rights and women’s liberation have a rich history of standing up for what’s right. Our work spans many generations. Making a bequest to Working Women’s Centre SA is a powerful way to express your feminist values in your Will, and to pass on your vision for a better world to others.  

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How to make a bequest to the Working Women’s Centre SA

Making a bequest means deciding how your legacy will be distributed. There are several things to keep in mind when making this important decision. 

  • Be sure your Will is worded precisely and accurately reflects your wishes  
  • Consult with a lawyer when drafting or changing your Will 
  • Discuss your Will with beneficiaries such as your family members 


When making a bequest to Working Women’s Centre SA, it is important that you include the following information:  

  • List the Working Women’s Centre SA Inc as a recipient  
  • Specify the form of gift or the amount of money such as  
  • A residuary gift 
  • pecuniary gift or fixed cash amount 
  • percentage pledge 
  • gift of property (including collection items) 
  • contingent bequest 

We suggest you provide the following wording and consult your solicitor:

“I give [choose and insert the appropriate statement from the list below] to the Working Womens Centre Inc ABN 54 253 257 443 of 52 Hindley Street, Adelaide in the State of South Australia for its general purposes free of all duties, and I DECLARE that the receipt of the proper officer shall be a sufficient discharge for the Executor(s).” 

  • the whole of my estate 
  • (insert number) percentage of my estate 
  • the residue of my estate 
  • the amount of $ (insert the value of your gift in cash) 
  • my (insert name of asset) 

If you need more information about making bequests to the Working Women’s Centre, please contact us at And if you do decide to make a bequest to the Working Women’s Centre, let us know! We’d love to say thank you and hear why the work we do is important to you.  

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