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Template for how to respond to a letter of allegations


Do not include this first page of instructions in your response to allegations letter. Delete this section after reading it.

This template sets out how to format a letter to your employer responding to allegations.

Insert details relevant to the allegations you were provided with, under each heading. You should respond to the allegations in clear and concise paragraphs.

Factors to keep in mind:

  • Whether the allegations provide you with enough detail. If the allegations are vague, general, subjective, or unsubstantiated, you can indicate in your response that you do not have enough information to respond adequately.
  • Whether the allegations are factually correct or not. If the allegations put to you are incorrect, you should address this in your response.
  • When the allegations took place. If the allegations occurred more than 2 weeks prior to you receiving the allegations letter, you can question why the allegations were not put to you sooner. This is particularly relevant in allegations of serious misconduct.

This template provides you with an example of how to set out your response to allegations. You should modify and adapt the template to suit the allegations you were presented with.

To send your letter follow the instructions provided in the allegations letter. If no instructions have been provided, you can respond via email or post. If you have been given a specific timeframe to reply by, note postage delays.

This letter is a guide and should not be taken as legal advice.




[Name of employer]

[Full name of allegations letter writer]



[Email address]


Dear [name of allegations letter writer]

RE: Response to Allegations of Misconduct

I write to you in relation to the allegations as provided to me on [date on allegations letter]. Detailed below is my response with respect to each allegation.


Allegation 1

[Paragraph/s responding to allegations]

Allegation 2

[Paragraph/s responding to allegations]

Allegation 3

[Paragraph/s responding to allegations]

Allegation 4

[Paragraph/s responding to allegations]

Allegation 5

[Paragraph/s responding to allegations]


[Concluding paragraph]


[Optional: I am a dedicated employee of x years. I am committed to my role and welcome the opportunity for further training.]





[your name]

[your contact details]


For more information about responding to allegations, please refer to our Disciplinary Meetings: What Should I do? Fact Sheet.

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