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25 Nov 2020 Sexual Harassment

Media Release: This win for Senator Hanson Young is a Win for all Working Women.

This win for Senator Hanson Young is a Win for all Working Women.


Senator Hanson Young’s win against David Leyonhjelm in the Federal Court of Australia is telling; the tide is changing and sexist, misogynist behaviours are no longer tolerated by the courts, in public discourse or our workplaces.


The Working Women’s Centre SA Inc congratulates Senator Hanson Young and confirms that we are one of two organisations of which Senator Hanson Young will donate the awarded damages.


The Working Women’s Centre SA Inc Director Ms Abbey Kendall says:


“This case highlights the issue of Sexual harassment and misogynist speech at
all levels of Australian workplaces. This is happening all over our country, and
often women do not have the platform or the resources to stand up to the sexist
behaviour in such a public and spectacular way as Senator Hanson Young has.
This is why the Working Women’s Centre SA Inc exists, to even up the playing

By donating a portion of the damages to the Working Women’s Centre SA Inc,
Senator Hanson Young is ensuring that the Working Women’s Centre SA Inc”s
work will continue and we will be in a stronger position to assist South
Australian women to stand up and fight back, just as the Senator did.”


This news comes at the beginning of 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence. We intend on celebrating momentarily, and then we will be getting back to the business of assisting vulnerable workers and working towards the total elimination of gender-based violence in our community, schools, workplaces, courts and at every level of government.


Thank you to Senator Hanson Young for standing up and helping us all fight back.


The Working Women’s Centre supports vulnerable workers in sexual harassment matters and other employment-related matters. If you need help or assistance, call the Centre on 08 8410 6499.


About the Working Women’s Centre SA Inc
The WWC is a not for profit organisation that provides free industrial information, advice and representation to vulnerable women and workers. The WWC is also engaged in research, education and training. The WWC, in its 40th year of operation, has a strong history of being at the forefront of law reform and social change for working women and people. The Centre also facilitates workplace training for businesses and can conduct training locally and on a national scale.


Abbey Kendall | |08 8410 6499 |

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