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07 Feb 2024 Discrimination

Working Women’s Centre SA Leaders Present at Senate Inquiry on Costs Protection Bill

Passing this bill would ensure women can pursue sexual harassment and discrimination claims in Federal Court without risking their long-term financial security by covering their employer's legal costs.

Abbey Kendall, the Director of the Working Women's Centre SA, presented at the Senate Inquiry on the Costs Protection Bill hearing.

Abbey Kendall, the Director of the Working Women’s Centre SA, and Caitlin Feehan, lawyer with the Centre, travelled to Canberra on Wednesday (31) to represent the organisation at the Senate Inquiry held at Parliament House. Their purpose was to provide evidence concerning the Australian Human Rights Commission Amendment (Costs Protection) Bill 2023.

Abbey Kendall and Caitlin Feehan


The passage of this bill would eliminate the financial risk for women who have experienced sexual harassment and/or discrimination of having to pay the legal costs of their employer when pursuing their claims in the Federal Court. The current financial risk with taking these types of matters to Court is a known deterrent for women when considering whether to pursue their matters past unsuccessful conciliation. By this Bill being passed, it would provide certainty for women to pursue their matters without risking their long-term economic security.

Great work to all the organisations that attended the Senate Inquiry yesterday in support of this important proposed law reform!

Please click here to access the complete transcript of the Senate Inquiry on the Costs Protection Bill hearing.



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