Young Women & COVID19

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Each winner will win one of these giveaways. By filling out the survey, you automatically go in the draw to win one of these prizes as long as you provide us with your contact details 

Each winner will win one of these giveaways. By filling out the survey, you automatically go in the draw to win one of these prizes as long as you provide us with your contact details 

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The impact of COVID19 on young women has been devastating and disproportionate.

When it comes to finding work in the wake of the pandemic, young women are in a worse position than any other age and gender demographic. The pandemic has hit every aspect of their lives.

But are the needs of young women reflected in COVID recovery policies?

The Working Women’s Centre is undertaking a project to ensure that the voices and needs of young women are heard at a policy-making level when it comes to employment and COVID-19 recovery.

We are finding out how young women have been impacted by COVID and supporting young women to create change.

We are doing this by:

You can read more about these below.

Pictured Above: Youth Project Officer Maddie met with the state Treasurer Rob Lucas to discuss how young women have been disproportionately impacted by COVID. – Septemeber 1st 2020

How to get involved with this project:

Survey: for Young women under 30 & COVID19

If you are a woman under the age of 30, based in South Australia, you can help us build a picture of young women’s experiences by filling out the 2-minute survey.

All of the information will be kept confidential & all responses are kept anonymous. Any identifying details you share will not be disclosed to anyone except for WWC staff and volunteers.

Complete the Survey here

Upcoming event: Webinar 23rd September

To explore how COVID19 has impacted young women, we are inviting you to attend a Webinar where a panel of young women will share their thoughts & experiences on how the current pandemic has affected their lives. There will be an Q&A session and opportunities to provide your input into the discussion.

Speakers to be announced.

Wednesday 23rd of Septemeber 2020
6.30 pm-7.30pm

via Zoom Webinar

RSVP on Eventbrite to get access to the link.

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Young Women's COVID19 Advocacy Program

This program has been designed to help empower young women, to make a difference to improve economic justice for Young Women.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with a supportive team of like-minded young feminists, engaging in training, mentoring, and opportunities for learning-by-doing. For the purpose of gaining new skills & developing current ones, with a focus on:

  • Advocacy
  • Facilitation
  • Research
  • Engaging with the Media: growing confidence, developing key messages & speaking in interviews
  • Engaging with politicians:
  • Using social media for campaigning & communications

This is a great opportunity for young women:

  • Who are passionate about the issues
  • Want to get involved with grassroots activism
  • Under 30 years old
  • Based in South Australia
  • Some key activities will be based in Metropolitan Adelaide at the Working Women’s Centres, but participants can also work remotely.

Download the Position Description here.

To apply for the position

The first round of applications will close on 5 pm Monday September 28th 2020


Join the movement to support young women in the COVID recovery plan

If you would like to stay in touch with this project, there are a number of ways that you can do this via:

More information about how COVID has impacted young women

As If We Weren’t Humans: The Abandonment of Temporary Migrants in Australia During COVID-19
Published on 17 September 2020, presents findings from a July online survey of 6,105 international students and visa holders, on their experiences in Australia during COVID-19. 

‘Garbage’ and ‘cash cows’: temporary migrants describe anguish of exclusion and racism during COVID-19
Published in The Conversation, draws on the survey data to explain the broader long-term impacts of the Australian government’s exclusion of temporary migrants during the pandemic.

From insights to action: Gender equality in the wake of COVID-19
This publication summarizes data, research, and policy work by UN Women’s Policy and Programme Division on the pandemic’s impact on women and girls, including the impact on extreme poverty, employment, health, unpaid care, and violence against women and girls. The publication also brings into focus the paucity of gender data and calls for greater investment and prioritization of data on the gendered effects of the crisis.

Recording of the Young Women & COVID19 Webinar – 23rd September 2020 

The impact of COVID19 on young women has been devastating.

The pandemic has hit every aspect of our lives:
•Financially, through job losses or reduced hours
•Insecurity in current employment & long term career trajectory
•Safety risks of exposure to COVID and risk of DV & sexual violence
•An increased risk of homelessness
•The toll on our Mental Health
When it comes to getting work, young women are in a worse position than any other age and gender demographic.
So it’s important to question: are our needs reflected in COVID recovery policies?
In this seminar, we will discuss the impacts of COVID19 on young women, what needs to happen to stop us from being left behind, and how to turn our anger into action. Several powerful young women will join us to share their thoughts and experiences.
Alison Pennington, Senior Economist at the Centre for Future Work
Siew Tang Woon, 485 working visa worker at the Adelaide Casino
Claudia Ienco, casual worker and part of Anti-Poverty Network SA
Jamila Ahmadi of the Australian Migrant Resource Centre
Kate McAuley, primary school teacher