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17 Apr 2024 Sexual Harassment

Speaking from Experience

The Australian Human Rights Commission has launched Speaking from Experience, a
landmark project that centres the voices of people with lived experience in workplace
sexual harassment reform.

Sexual harassment is still unacceptably prevalent in Australian workplaces, with one in
three people having experienced workplace sexual harassment in Australia in the last
five years. The Commission is inviting people who have been sexually harassed at work
to have their say about what they think needs to change to make workplaces safer. The
information gathered will help create resources that will help workers and employers
know how to make workplaces safer for everyone, as well as inform future law reform

Through a user-friendly web portal hosted on the Commission website, people who
have been sexually harassed at work can submit written or audio submissions outlining
their recommendations on what needs to change to address workplace sexual

Participation in the project is voluntary and open to all individuals in Australia.

You can view and share the web portal here:

In addition to the online submissions, the Commission will conduct in-person
consultations across Australia to ensure the voices of marginalised groups are heard.
The consultations will prioritise input from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
workers, young people, culturally and racially marginalised workers, people with
disability, LGBTIQ+ workers, and other groups disproportionately targeted by
perpetrators of workplace sexual harassment.

If you would like to be a community partner for the in-person consultations, please read
the flyer attached and email

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