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Young Women & COVID19

Young women have been impacted disproportionately by COVID. We’re here to help with research, support and advocacy.

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COVID has made life harder for young women.

  • Many women under 30 have lost work due to COVID. Sectors where many young women work, like retail, hospitality, tourism and the arts, faced shutdowns and huge job losses. Some young women still have not had their hours recovered.
  • Other young women have been working on the frontlines of COVID, in sectors like health and community services where the majority of the workforce is female. This meant that they have faced the burdens of increased work pressure, COVID risk and customer or client aggression.
  • Many young women have experienced financial hardship over the past year. Some had to make the difficult choice to withdraw money from their Super, which has meant that the retirement savings gap between young women and young men has widened.


Make your voice count

If we speak up about our experiences, elevate the voices of young women and bring information to decision-makers, we can ensure that young women are factored into the COVID recovery. To do this, we need hundreds of young women to tell us about their experiences. Fill out or share our Young Women & COVID survey!

Take the Young Women & COVID survey!

Fill out our survey to help us build a picture of how young women have been impacted by the pandemic.

COVID has made life harder for young women under 30. Before we can address solutions, we need to understand the problem. We want to find out what's been going on for you, so we can bring that information to decision-makers.

The survey consists of 20 short questions and will take around 5 minutes. We will keep all responses anonymous. We will not share any of your personal details with anyone except for WWC staff and volunteers.

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Why is this important?

Young women have been disproportionately impacted by COVID – from job losses in hospo and the Arts, to increased caring responsibilities at home, to working on the frontlines in the health and caring sectors. We need to ensure that young women are factored into the COVID recovery.

  • “I was told by many people that no one is looking to employ people at the moment, especially inexperienced young people.” Unemployed woman aged 15-19
  • “I had to take out my super, as did my partner. Though we have worked the same I realised he had double the amount of super I did. He still has super in his account and I have none.” student and parent aged 20-24
  • “I work in a supermarket and stressed a great deal about getting COVID, especially the risk of passing it on to customers/family.” Female essential worker aged 20-24
  • “I now feel very hopeless about the future. I don’t know what my life will look like anyone in 2, 5, 10 years. All of the things I hoped to do have vanished.” Woman working in the Arts, aged 25-29This Working Women’s Centre youth project is funded by the Government of South Australia – Department of Human Services.

How to get involved

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Are you a woman under 30? Fill out our survey to help us build a picture of how young women have been impacted by the pandemic.

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We are gathering experiences of young women and sharing our findings with decision-makers. Our Young Women’s Employment Council spoke at parliament house to the COVID-19 Response Committee.

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We want to speak with more female international students about the challenges faced by young women on temporary visas. Help us run a consultation with a group of young women.



Young Women &
COVID19 Webinar

This webinar discusses the impacts of COVID19 on young women, what needs to happen to stop us from being left behind, and how to turn our anger into action. Several powerful young women will join us to share their thoughts and experiences.

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Help us help young women impacted by COVID.

Your generous support enables us to keep supporting and advocating for vulnerable workers.

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