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The Working Women’s Centre SA is made up not just of staff but of an incredible team of volunteers. 

Our volunteer programs allow us to have a greater impact and provide opportunities for volunteers to develop their skills and make a difference on the issues that matter to them.  


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The Working Women’s Centre has the following volunteer programs:

  • Young Women’s Advocacy Program.
    Our advocacy volunteers assist with our advocacy work on issues affecting women and vulnerable workers, including economic inequality, insecure work, wage theft and sexual harassment. Their volunteer work involves research, submission writing, outreach, meeting with decision-makers, communications and public speaking.  
  • Student placements.
    We partner with educational institutions, most recently the University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia, to host students who volunteer for university course credit. Student volunteers from a variety of disciplines volunteer with us on legal and research projects. 
  • Fundraising ambassadors.
    We have a new team of volunteers who will help the Working Women’s Centre to fundraise so that we can expand our incredible work.  
  • Governance.
    The Working Women’s Centre Management Committee consists entirely of volunteers who have a collective wealth of experience and expertise and are looking to give back to the women’s movement. Our Management Committee members volunteer their time to provide governance and determine the strategic direction of the Working Women’s Centre. 
  • Casual volunteering.
    We host events, such as our Feminist Action Sessions, where people can volunteer for a few hours to help us with our advocacy or other work.  

Sign up to volunteer

Fill out an expression of interest to hear about volunteering opportunities when they arise. Please note that we do not currently have any volunteer vacancies, but there will be volunteering opportunities in the future.

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Please note that we do not currently have any volunteer vacancies, but there will be volunteering opportunities in the future.

Fill out an expression of interest to volunteer here!

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