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07 Nov 20224:00pm

Webinar: Sexual Harassment in Hospo

How to look after your workers, and your business

Join one of our lawyers, Kylie Porter, along with Jamie Bucirde from Not So Hospitable, as we discuss your obligations to your workers to prevent and address sexual harassment, and how to create positive culture change in your business.

We will discuss problematic normalised behaviours and factors that make a healthy and equitable workplace. We will also cover the latest developments in the law, such as the upcoming legislative changes that will place a positive obligation on you to prevent your staff from being sexually harassed.

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Note: If you can’t attend at this time, please register and we will send you a recording of the session.



About Not So Hospitable
Not So Hospitable is a grassroots hospitality movement highlighting the prevalence of sexual assault, sexual harassment and bullying that fosters a toxic workplace culture within the Adelaide Hospitality community. This movement has gathered over 350 testimonies of sexual harassment and assault within the Adelaide Hospitality community in just a few months. Not So Hospitable’s intention is to gather testimonies, creating a safe space for individuals to share their stories. Over time they also hope to gauge a quantitative understanding of the numbers of incidents occurring within this industry. Not So Hospitable has been working with government bodies to create legislative change on safer working conditions, create accessible education and trainings on sexual harassment within venues and foster collective power to drive change.

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