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05 Feb 2021 Campaigns

How to take action on: Wage theft & Violence in the workplace

How to take action on: Wage theft & Violence in the workplace

The shocking video that many people saw earlier this week is unfortunately a familiar story of wage theft and gendered workplace violence that is common in our South Australian workplaces. Now that a spotlight has been put on the issue, we have the opportunity to change things for the better.

Will you join us and seize this moment, take action and make your voice heard?

Things you can do to help:


  1. Attend the rally protesting against Wage Theft & Violence! 11am TOMORROW in Chinatown. RSVP to the event on facebook, share the event & invite your friends!
  2. Support the Bill to criminalise wage theft. This would put harsher penalties on bosses who do the wrong thing by underpaying their employees. Bills like this have become law interstate and it can happen here too, if there is enough support from the public.
  3. Talk to your state member of parliament about your concerns about the issue to encourage them to vote for laws that criminalise wage theft. You can find your electorate here:
  4. Join your union. Unions help workers to stand together against issues like wage theft and violence at work. Go to
  5. Stand up against sexism and violence in your workplace. The subtle harassment that occurs in workplaces often leads to more severe forms of violence. Call it out.
  6. Donate to the Working Women’s Centre to help us provide advice, support and representation to vulnerable workers who are experiencing these issues:

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