Our Service

The Working Women’s Centre SA Inc (WWC SA) is a non-government organisation that provides free and confidential information, advice and representation to vulnerable workers residing in South Australia about their rights at work.

We have been operating out of Adelaide since 1979, and we are uniquely placed to advise, inform and represent workers on workplace issues including but not limited to the following:

  • Wage Theft
  • Dismissal
  • Parental leave
  • Family violence & work
  • Discrimination
  • Interpretation and enforcement of employment contracts
  • National Employment Standards
  • The Modern Award System
  • Workplace entitlements
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Workplace Bullying
  • Redundancy
  • Sham Contracting

We are also experts in gender-based workplace issues and take pride in assisting working women and gender diverse folk with their unique experience of the workplace.

We generally provide telephone advice, and if your matter requires it, we can arrange for a face to face meeting. We will not offer you a face to face appointment until we have provided you with initial advice on the telephone. We do not offer a walk-in service, and all face to face appointments are by appointment only.

We do not represent every person who telephones the service. We offer representation where we have the resources to do so, where you have a strong claim and where we are satisfied that we can be of assistance to you.

We are committed to empowering you through any representative process, and we aim to give you the tools to advocate for yourself and your colleagues in the future. We want you to have a deeper understanding of your rights at work.

We also focussed on working towards structural change for the inequities that arise from our casework and do so in the form of research, special project work and community education on workplace issues.

We are funded by the South Australian Department of Human Services – Office for Women and by the Australian Federal Government – Fair Work Ombudsman

How does our service work:

If you have a workplace issue and you are not a union member, you can enquire with the WWC SA INC by doing one of the following:

  1. You can make an online enquiry here
  2. You can call our toll free telephone 1800 652 697 or (08) 8410 6499 to lodge your enquiry with us

Online Lodgement

1. The online lodgement form will ask you a range of questions about yourself and your workplace issue. We have designed this form to ensure that your online responses accurately reflect your workplace issues. Once you click complete, your enquiry is instantly sent to our email server. You do not need to telephone us to ask whether we received your enquiry. We have it, and we are on to it. 

2. All of your responses are confidential, and we will never contact your employer without your permission.

3. After we receive your online enquiry, it will be passed on to a WWC Industrial Officer who will telephone you back (or email if you prefer) to provide you with information or advice with respect to your workplace issue.

Telephone Lodgement

1. When you telephone the WWC SA Inc, you will initially speak to an Intake Officer. This person will ask you a range of questions about yourself and your workplace issue. All of your responses are confidential, and we will never contact your employer without your permission.

2. Our Intake Officers are very skilled at sensitively understanding your employment issues and the critical facts. You are in safe hands.

3. Depending on what type of issue you have, the Intake Officer may be able to help you on the spot or if we are not the right service for you, provide you with a warm referral to another organisation.

4. The intake officer may ask you to email us documents that help tell the story of your workplace issue. For example, if you have been dismissed, we will ask you to send us your termination letter. If we need to sight any documents, we will let you know.

5. If you are in the right place and we can’t assist you on the spot, the intake officer will pass your enquiry on to a WWC SA Inc Industrial Officer. This will happen almost immediately after you telephone the centre. Unfortunately, you will not be able to speak to an Industrial Officer on the spot.

6. An Industrial Officer will endeavour to telephone you back as soon as possible. You will most likely receive a phone call within 48 hours of making your enquiry; however, if there is an urgency to your matter (court filing deadline or alike) we will prioritise your enquiry. Rest assured we are working as hard as possible to get to your enquiry as quickly as possible.