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23 Feb 2024 Sexual Harassment

Album launch of Perfection 12: Migrant Women’s fight against workplace sexual harassment.

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In a show of support and solidarity, the Working Women’s Centre attended the Bread and Roses / Bret Mo Roses album launch, spotlighting the courageous battle of a group of 12 migrant women, members of the United Workers Union, who are fighting back after surviving sexual violence in the glasshouses of Perfection Fresh company.

These women, known as the Perfection 12, have bravely taken their fight to the Federal Court of Australia, seeking accountability and systemic change at Perfection Fresh, a major supplier to Coles and Woolworths, for failing to provide a safe workplace for its employees, particularly women who endure sexual harassment and assault within its glasshouses.

The Bread and Roses album, featuring the voices and stories of the 12 migrant women union members, marks a significant moment in the ongoing struggle, particularly highlighting the sacrifices that seasonal workers make for their families and their isolation from their communities for years, as well as their pursuit for justice and safety in the workplace. The title track, Bread and Roses (Bret Mo Roses) is an old union song that has been adapted by the women to reflect their own fight for respect.

Caterina Ciananni, Executive Director of the United Workers Union, standing on stage and speaking into a microphone during her speech at the Semaphore Workers Club's at Bread and Roses event. She is wearing glasses, a white t-shirt with various prints, and dark jeans. A drum set is partially visible in the background, along with other decorative items.

During her speech at the Semaphore Workers Club event, Caterina Cinanni, executive director of the United Workers Union, emphasised the urgency of their fight for change. “The Perfection 12 are brave women fighting for justice, respect, and safety not just for themselves, but for every single woman working in that glasshouse. Perfection Fresh is the wealthiest and largest tomato glasshouse corporation in Australia.”

Abbey Kendall, director of Working Women’s Centre, underscored the importance of safe workplaces for all workers “Seasonal work must be safe, regardless of their background, identity, or job type. That is the benchmark of Australian workplace laws,” she added. 

As the Perfection 12 continue their legal battle, supporters can amplify their message by spreading awareness and advocating for accountability from companies like Perfection Fresh. The Bread and Roses album serves as a testament to their resilience and determination, inspiring solidarity, and action among all who seek justice in the workplace.


The image displays the lyrics of "BREAD AND ROSES" prominently in bold, capitalized letters at the top. Beneath the title, the word "ENGLISH" specifies the language of the following lyrics. The lyrics read: “As we go marching, marching, our home so far away, a million darkened fields, glasshouses dim and grey, are touched with all the radiance that a sudden sun discloses, for the people hear us singing: Bread and roses! Bread and roses!”

For more information on how to support the Perfection 12 and their campaign, visit Bread and Roses – Full Album – Rotten Perfection


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