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Lejla Cavcic

Lejla recently graduated from a Bachelor of Laws and Arts with a major in Politics and International Relations from the University of Adelaide. During her studies, Lejla developed a passion for employment law, with a particular interest in advocating for the issues that affect women and vulnerable workers.

Lejla deeply values the work done by the Working Women’s Centre, and believes it is the perfect place for her to enhance her legal skills.

Suzy Jeong

Suzy is studying for a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Adelaide, and is passionate about criminal and employment law.


Eager to gain practical legal experience and communication skills, Suzy is volunteering at the Working Women’s Centre to contribute meaningfully to advancing justice and equity for all women.


Suzy is deeply motivated to understand not only the theoretical underpinnings but also how the laws manifest in practice, particularly in the context of women’s rights and workplace equality.


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