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Past events for employers

25 Nov 202112.30pm- 1.30pm

Babies, Bosses and the 9-5

The Working Women's Centre invites you to join this lunchtime webinar to learn from Professor Rae Cooper and Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill, two pre-eminent experts in the world of women, family, and work, to discuss how public policy and legislation effects women, work, and families.

24 Nov 202112.30-1.30pm

LGBTQI+ legal rights and protections – webinar

A webinar about legal rights as part of Feast Festival

14 Oct 20214.00-6.00pm

Feminist action session – Exploring Youth Advocacy

The Working Women’s Centre would like to invite you to our upcoming Feminist Action Session where we will discuss how young people are successfully advocating for themselves and others.

05 Oct 20216pm - 7.30pm

Panel event: the Protective Power of Job Security

Join us for this panel event about the links between insecure work and gendered violence.

03 Sep 20212pm - 5pm

Safe and Compliant Workplaces: education and advice clinic

A special bilingual outreach event for Chinese speaking workers in South Australia

29 Jul 20215.30-6.30pm

Feminist action session – discussion on combatting sexual harassment at work

Come along to our Feminist Action Session to help the Working Women’s Centre develop practical tools that can be used in workplaces.

10 Jun 20215.00-700pm

Our voice, our future – Translating into action #2

The follow up workshop to our Youth Week workshop.

27 May 20215.30-7.00pm

Feminist action session – a COVID-19 recovery that factors in young women

Come along to this action session to help us spread the word about our recommendations for a COVID-19 recovery that factors in the needs of young women

Young women and COVID19 report launch

29 Apr 20214pm - 5pm

Young Women and COVID19 Report Launch

Join us for the official launch of our report ‘Loss of work, isolation and worry: the disproportionate impacts of COVID-19 on young women’.


Young workers

Young women have been impacted disproportionately by COVID. We’re here to help with research, support and advocacy.

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