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21 Sep 2022

Sarah Gunn

Sarah is an international award-winning innovator, disruptor, thought leader and crusader for a socially equitable world. Sarah is renowned for her ideas and achievements in setting new standards for socially and environmentally sustainable events in South Australia. 

Awards and Recognition

  • SheEO Australia Venture 2019 
  • Australian Institute of Company Directors Women’s Innovation Scholarship 2019 
  • Australia Day Women’s Award 2018 
  • Westpac Bicentennial Foundation Social Change Fellowship 2017 
  • Winnovation Entrepreneurs Awards finalist 2016 
  • Scholarship travel to South X South West Interactive Festival, Austin Texas 2016 
  • Most Innovative Social Enterprise Award at the Impact through Innovation award forum,  Austin Texas 2016 
  • New Venture Institute at Flinders University Golden eNVIe Scholarship Award 2015 

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