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21 Sep 2022

Louise Firrell

Louise has worked in education and the union movement since 1972.

Her career began in earnest when she took up a teaching position at St Anthony’s school in 1972. She continued classroom teaching until 1988 when she began a Masters Degree in Information Technology and subsequently worked as a teacher librarian until she changed direction and began a part time training and organizing role with the Independent Education Union in 2003. She has been involved with the union as a workplace representative, executive member, vice president and subcommittee member since the union’s beginning in 1984. She participated in the Anna Stewart Memorial Project in 2002 and subsequently completed a Graduate Certificate in Mediation and a Graduate Certificate in Education Law. Her role changed to Assistant Secretary of the Union in 2012 which has involved in part, coordinating Enterprise Bargaining in the Lutheran Sector, currently the Catholic Sector, chairing the Women and Equity Committee, the BOLD Women and Leadership Program and the Professional Learning Program as well as coordinating the organizing team. 

On a personal note, she has three adult children, read when she can find the time, and works as a volunteer with Lifeline. 

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