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Free program for young women looking for work in the Adelaide Hills

The workshops will be on a range of topics including:

  • Strategies and tools to use while job hunting.
  • Resume development and interviewing skills.
  • What are our rights in the workplace? How do we know if we are being paid correctly? How can we deal with sexism in the workplace? What are our rights if we have kids or want to have kids?
  • What employment opportunities are there in the district? Showcasing job and education opportunities.
  • How can we go about starting a trade or another career that is traditionally male-dominated? Presentation by female tradies.
  • How can we navigate the welfare system as young job seekers?
  • Self-care – how can we look after ourselves and deal with the stress of looking for work? How to build confidence and self esteem.
  • What changes would we like to see in the world of work? Having our voices heard by political decision-makers.

These workshops will be run by Maddie Sarre, The Working Women’s Centre’s Youth Project Officer and will feature guest presenters.

For more information: please contact Maddie, The Youth Project Officer on

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