Working Womens Centre SA InC

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  • We provide information, advice and support to women on work issues.
  • We initiate and implement training programs on working women’s issues.
  • We respond to specific issues related to cultural diversity in the workplace.
  • We develop resources on issues facing women in the workforce.
  • We work with unions in their efforts to gain true equality for women members.
  • We encourage women to take an active part in their union.
  • We actively promote equal employment opportunity for women through policy development, committees and campaigns.
  • If we are unable to help, we will refer you to someone who can.

Direct Client Work

  • We provide advice over the phone.
  • We can represent you in conciliation conferences in the SA Industrial Relations Commission, Fair Work Australia, the Australian Human Rights Commission (Federal) and the Equal Opportunity Commission (State).
  • We provide information, advice and support about
    • Unfair Dismissals
    • Wages and Working Conditions
    • Health issues at work
    • Sexual harassment
    • Discrimination (age, race, sex, sexuality, pregnancy, marital status, disability)
    • Workplace bullying


We have publications on a range of issues including your rights at work, parental leave, casual employment, workplace bullying, underpayment of wages, sexual harassment, work/life balance and others.

Union Liaison

We provide:

  • assistance to women in gaining representation from their union.
  • assistance to union officials who are representing women members.
  • training sessions for unions about work issues related to women.
  • information about membership and the appropriate union to join.

Community Participation and Education

WWC staff are represented on a broad range of community, trade union, government and departmental committees in relation to policy development important to women.

Our participation on these committees helps to raise awareness of the needs of women in employment, to share information and co-ordinate activity on matters relating to women and employment.

We provide information sessions to schools, TAFE colleges, universities, community groups and private enterprises.

We are available to discuss training needs and organise and run training programs on work related issues with your organisation, community or work group. In particular we are available to speak with groups of women returning to the workforce.

Projects, Campaigns and Submissions

We respond to issues that cause concern to working women.

  • Outwork Workplace bullying
  • Violence in the workplace
  • Sexual Harassment
  • Work and family issues
  • Parental leave Pay equity