Today our Director Abbey, Industry Super Chief Executive Bernie Dean, & SA Unions Secretary Angas Story stood together on the steps of Parliament of South Australia to discuss Industry Super ‘s latest report on the worst electorates for unpaid super in South Australia.

Client of the WWC, Kailun shared her story with the media, recounting her experience of super theft.

Kaliun is a migrant worker, who started a job as a casual waistress in 2017. She was illegally paid just $10-$13 an hour throughout her employment.


Kailun knew that she wasn’t getting paid what she is legally entitled to, but was desperate to have employment and this was her first job in Australia. Over time Kaliun gained confidence, and realised the full extent of her exploitation. When she brought this up with her boss, he dimissed her immediately.


To make matters worse her employer failed to provide her with any payslips or make any contributions to her superannuation. 


Kailun is owed $12,000 in wages & $2,200 of contributions to her superannuation.

The Working Women’s Centre is still fighting for Kailun, to get what she is owed.

We know that wage & superannuation theft is at an epidemic level in South Australia, with low paid, vulnerable workers copping the worst of it.

This inequity needs to be addressed in order to reverse the current retirement poverty trend.


Have you checked your super balance? Do you know if your employer has been paying your super?

These are important questions that need answers.

This super index created by Industry Super Australia, shows statistic noting super & wage theft electorate by electorate, the results might shock you.