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24 May 2021

Meng Liu

Meng Liu

Meng graduated with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree from Sichuan University in June 2018. During her years of study, she developed an interest in contemporary feminist literature and proactively participated in advocacy in gender equality in Metropolitan Chengdu.

Later in 2018, Meng moved to Adelaide as an international student. She completed her Master of Social Work degree from Flinders University in 2020 and obtained full membership from the Australian Association of Social Workers.

With the lived experience of being a wage theft victim, Meng has volunteered as a community advocate at SA Labour Info Hub. She has supported migrant workers and international students who experience exploitation at work and helped them to connect with local legal and mental health services, while promoting social changes towards ending wage theft.

Meng has a strong interest in immigration and artworks that portray the journey of first-generation immigrants. She is also an avid Haruki Murakami reader and keen to read all of his books in Japanese in the near future.

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