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12 Feb 2021

Holly Giblin

Holly has 13 years’ experience working in the social and community services sector in regional and metropolitan Queensland and in Adelaide, South Australia. They have worked extensively with numerous intersecting marginalised communities as a support worker, peer worker, program coordinator and workshop facilitator. Alongside this, they have tutored social work, cultural safety and gender studies at South Australian universities for the past 8 years.  They hold a Double Degree in Psychology and Anthropology, and an Honours degree in Sociology (Gender Studies). They are passionate about building community and a fair and just society.

Holly was a planning committee member for the first South Australian Postgraduate Sex, Gender and Sexualities Conference held in 2014 and which has recently held its 7th conference. They are a volunteer and executive member of Seeds of Affinity – Pathways for Women, which is a peer led organisation that provides support to criminalised women.  Holly has recently retired from running a small urban flower farm in Adelaide’s inner west.

Holly is currently caretaking the Working Women’s Centre’s workplace training program. The suite of training packages addresses issues experienced by marginalised workers, with the aims of developing positive and supportive workplaces.

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