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12 Feb 2021

Caitlin Feehan

Caitlin is one of our Graduate lawyers at the Working Women’s Centre SA. Caitlin graduated with a Bachelor of Laws from Flinders University in June 2022 and was admitted to the South Australian Supreme Court in August 2022. She completed her Practical Legal Training at the Centre in February 2022 and continued to volunteer thereafter.

Throughout her studies, Caitlin has worked in litigation teams at various private practice law firms representing both union members and workers from diverse backgrounds. This has made her very resourceful, and she draws upon this practical experience when representing vulnerable workers at the Centre.

In a stint at the SA Unions Young Workers Legal Service in 2020, Caitlin assisted in the provision of legal advice to non-members. Caitlin has family ties to the Builders Labourers Federation which sparked her special interest in labour history early on in her career. Accordingly, she is a natural advocate and firmly believes in empowering marginalised persons with the skills and knowledge to assert their legal rights.

Caitlin takes a trauma informed approach towards clients and is an advocate for the de stigmatisation of mental illness. She is a committed feminist and is keen to continue fighting against sexual harassment in her capacity as a lawyer at the Centre. In her spare time Caitlin enjoys thrifting sustainably sourced clothing and evoking meaningful conversation with her comrades.

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