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Natalie Wade

Natalie is the Founder and Principal Lawyer of Equality Lawyers.

Natalie spends most of her day providing premium legal services to people with disabilities, their families and supporters. This includes writing legal advice to them, advocating for them and representing them in court. As a recognized disability advocate and award-winning lawyer, Natalie’s purpose is to advance the rights of people with disabilities in Australia. This has seen Natalie be a leader on law reform for the participation of people with communication disabilities in courts and ending violence against women and girls.

When Natalie is not providing legal services, she is often drinking coffee, crocheting and hanging out with her poodles.

Isobel Montgomery

Isobel is a Policy & Research Officer at No to Violence, and a Policy Officer (Playford 10 Project) at the South Australian Council of Services.

She recently completed an MPhil in Evidence-Based Social Intervention and Policy Evaluation at the University of Oxford, having been awarded a Rhodes Scholarship in 2019. She is a proud intersectional feminist and a passionate advocate for the eradication of gender-based violence.

Emma Thornton

Emma is an employment, trade union and personal injuries lawyer with more than 20 years experience.

Emma has worked at the peak body for unions in South Australia, the Australian Council of Trade Unions, and in private legal practice for small and large national firms, acting on behalf of working people. Emma is also a Director on the board of Statewide Super.

Catherine Story

Catherine is a Union Organiser with the Public Service Association of SA.

Alongside workplace organising Catherine leads on youth strategy and works with members to coordinate the women’s, youth, LGBTIQ+ and Aboriginal member networks within the union.  She knows that when working women come together in solidarity, we have the power to shape an equal economic and socially just future for all of us.

Christina Mastripolito

Christina is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Accounting and Corporate Finance from the University of Adelaide and currently works as a Senior Auditor for the SA Government.

On weekends Christina is an online facilitator for a financial literacy course  MoneyGirl, run for Australian women and in her spare time also volunteers for an Australian start-up ConsentLabs, that aims to modernise the way sexual education is taught in Australia by teaching about core concepts like consent.

Dr Suzanne Franzway

Suzanne Franzway is Emeritus Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of South Australia. 

She is motivated by the puzzles and passions of the politics of everyday life and social justice and is currently writing a co-authored book Courage in Tough Times: Feminist Activism and Labour Movements. She has also written on gendered violence, gender and engineering and the sexual politics of greedy institutions. She was president of the women’s Buddhist organisation, Sakyadhita Australia 2016-2019 and is a long- standing member of the Management Committee of the Working Women’s Centre, SA.

Melissa Stokes

Melissa is a Mental Health clinician with a background in a range of disciplines, including finance, project management, policy and strategy writing, information and communication technology and small business management, both as a consultant in her own business and for a range of government and non-government organisations. 

She is a passionate feminist with a long history supporting and promoting feminism including working in teams that developed domestic violence risk assessment tools and the family safety framework.  As a strong believer in the power of positive psychology and its benefits in the workplace Melissa regularly participates in retreats and supports workers with effective mental health techniques. A life long learner committed to ongoing growth on a learning journey and when not studying enjoys gardening, cooking and beach walks.

Michelle Hogan

Michelle has worked in education and community services for over 30 years, most recently as the SA Manager of Good Shepherd Microfinance and before that as Director, WorkNext Services at Catherine House. She currently works as a consultant and community organiser.

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