Are you an international student? Interested in helping make sure that young women are adequately factored into the COVID-19 recovery? This session will be divided into a short consultation and Q&A session, along with general check-ins to see how everyone is coping with this tough year.


Come along to this fun and interactive catch-up session at the Working Women’s Centre
There will be pizza! 😊

This event is targeted at women under the age of 30 who are international students. We encourage cis and trans women to attend, as well as well as non-binary people who are comfortable being part of a discussion that will focus on the experiences of young women.

Thursday December 17th 2020
Location: The Working Women’s Centre SA
Level 1 Station Arcade
52 Hindley Street
Adelaide SA 5000

(Note: look for the elevator, next to ‘My Goodness’ & the Working Women’s Centre Signage).