Today, we call on the government to extend their hand and govern for a multicultural nation, a nation that cares, a nation that does not promote the life of one over another.

We must make sure that migrant workers are protected in this time of crisis.

We cannot leave anyone behind.

Today we are asking you to call upon the government to not abandon the 1.1 million migrant workers, by extending assistance to them as well.

How you can help:

1. Share this call to action with your networks via social media. You can do this by heading to our facebook page & sharing our post. Or on twitter, you can retweet us & post your own message using the hashtag & direct it to @Anne_Ruston Minister for Families & Social Services.2. Email your local MP, (find who they are here) as well as Senator Anne Ruston on

3. Most importantly calling Senator Anne Ruston’s office today.

⚡️A guide for calling your MP’s⚡️

We are asking everyone who is based in South Australia to contact Senator Anne Ruston, our Minister for Families and Social Services.

Phone: (08) 8586 6600

This is a script based on one prepared by Democracy in Colour that you can use as a guide for contacting your MP for email or via phone.

The basics:

  • Hi I am [your full name]
  • I live in [your residential Suburb & postcode]
  • I’m calling to register my concern over migrant welfare during this coronavirus outbreak.
  • I’m calling about the JobKeeper payment and the Government’s exclusion of over 1.1 million people. I am asking you to extend the JobSeeker payment to all workers – including those on temporary visas and workers without visas.
  • As the minister for families and social services, I hope Ms Ruston can support working migrants and extend the Jobskeeper program to include working migrants.

From here you can also include a personal connection to the issue or also include details such as:

  • The JobKeeper payment excludes over one million people who are living and working in Australia. With no income and no safety net, this announcement leaves hundreds of thousands to starve.
  • These workers pick the fruit and vegetables we eat everyday, they’re in the hospitality industry, they’re delivery drivers and carers, they’re the backbone of our economy.
  • Temporary workers and people without visas are at serious risk of contracting COVID-19, or unemployment. And with borders closed, these workers have nowhere else to go. They can’t work from home and their precarious contracts and visas do not grant them access to our social safety net.

Remember! Your message doesn’t have to be complicated or long, you just need to make sure that your voice is heard.