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It is often not until you have a problem at work that you find yourself in need of information and advice about your legal rights in employment.

The aim of these Fact Sheets is to provide working women in South Australia with general information about their rights and entitlements, as well as their responsibilities, and an overview of employment law. By being aware of your rights and knowing where to find further information and assistance, women workers will be in a stronger position to make informed decisions or to take appropriate action to address a problem at work.

Fact Sheets

Workers Rights - A Guide For Employees

Worker’s Rights is a simple guide to workplace entitlements under the Fair Work Act 2009 designed to assist workers to understand their rights and obligations. It provides information about common work related problems and points readers to services that can help with workplace issues.

Women and Work Booklet (Under development)

The full booklet is available here as a download (it is a large file so it will take a while to download) or in hard copy from our office. The booklet includes all Fact Sheets bound into an A5 booklet.

Workplace bullying; Making a Difference

Workplace bullying; Making a difference is an excellent resource to assist employees and employers understand what workplace bullying is and consider how it can be prevented and addressed. This resource was developed by workers within organisations and each step has been tested and trialled by them.