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  • 'The Industrial Officer was a wonderful support to me. Without her I hate to think what would have happened as I was emotionally a wreck.'
  • 'I could have hired a lawyer but it would have been very expensive.'
  • 'The Industrial Officer is an excellent listener (through my tears). Her calm demeanour and authority gave me a feeling of confidence in her as well as total trust.'
  • 'The Industrial Officer made me feel like a worthwhile person in the workplace and made me believe that my problem wasn't brought on by me but by a system that had allowed it.'
  • 'I achieved a very positive outcome in my favour, the best allowed within the law. This allowed me to move on to alternative employment.'
  • 'I found WWC to be very professional, efficient, very helpful and supportive. Everything from start to finish was explained very well.'
  • 'This process gave me closure and I'm grateful for that.'
  • 'I just want to say a big thank you to all the staff at WWC SA. I couldn't have been more happy with the support I received.'
  • 'I appreciated the extremely supportive but equitable, professional and clear service. You helped keep my emotions and expectations in check.'
  • 'I was wrongly accused on all counts and WWC helped resolve it. They are understanding and smart.'
  • 'I was not after financial outcome as much as wanting my ex employer to validate my complaint and have my record cleared. Now I have a statement of regret, positive verbal and written references.'
  • 'The staff at the Centre were excellent, helpful and professional. They displayed detailed knowledge of the different legislation and provided unbiased realistic advice. They were prompt, kept meeting times and dates even outside their normal hours and holidays.'
  • 'I was fully informed and given the space to make my own decisions.'
  • 'I was very pleased with the Service. I found it a very friendly environment and I was comfortable there as well.'